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Our processOur process

Ever since the technology started evolving, the significance of rechargeable batteries has been growing steadily worldwide. To get the most out of the streamlined technological needs, we exclusively go for a custom-made battery pack. Without any further ado, let's take a look at the furtherance process of the customized battery phases below.

Cell Charging and Sorting

In this realm of cell charging, we knuckle down to fulfill the user’s expectation of battery charging. We exclusively customize and endow our lithium battery charging in a way to offer a high degree of energy density and creates a great impact on the use of your desired devices.

BMS Testing and Cell Padding

In our Firm, We have a testing facility that tests each and every BMS which is an embedded unit performing critical battery functions, including cell monitoring and balancing, pack charge and discharge control, safety, and communications.
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Cell Welding and Assembly

Without harming the environment, we assemble the cells both electrically and physically. Assembling the cells are done in a way with electronics to have the appropriate communications and power connections which mate with a device it powers.

Battery Testing and PCB Installation

In our firm, we assemble a PCB circuit board with a perfect blend of surface mounts for our customers. Before the progression of custom PCB, we provide PCB layout design services to our customers adhering to its most stringent standards.
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Battery Testing and packaging

The testing phase of these battery packs aids in determining the capacity of the cells. Since we know the importance of the testing regime, our quality assurance team ensures to test the battery’s health, state of its charging capacity, and reliability.
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Our Engineering & Design Strategies
  • Analysis of cell types across various of manufacturers and chemistries
  • Configuration options to maximize performance and reduce costs
  • Detailed specification analysis, focusing distinctly on application requirements

We at Adirath manufacture cutting-edge products, combining precision engineering with extensive applications expertise to help customers in integrating solutions into their products. Our team of experts have proven technology and integration expertise to bring your applications from conception to commercialization.

We continuously strive to create custom portable battery packs that are safe, productive, while providing the best possible reliability. We build fully customized battery packs that provide the proficiency that your product requires. Our design implementation strategies can include:

Our Approach

This is our approach to how we manage our business to ensure that we exceed our customers’ expectations as we have grown from a small regional company to a large global brand. 

Continuous Improvement
No firm is flawless, but you can tell how serious it is by how much emphasis and exposure it places on ongoing development. Our expert team at Adirath are professionals having years of experience and skills to work for all your requirements.
Supply Chain
Suppliers don't appear out of nowhere, and they can't deliver high-quality service without active client participation and ongoing interaction. Due to cost demands that our customers have on their final product, 20% of our product is created in our home facilities and 80% is made in lower cost countries.
At Adirath, nothing is left to chance. Every process is specified and work instructions are documented at every functional level so that we can continuously supply the same high-quality products and services to our clients.

We Stand Ahead from Standard Manufacturer

We go far beyond what an experienced manufacturer or distributor does as we embrace innovation, efficiency, and focus on customer service.

We Deliver Products That Accelerate Growth
We Provide Expertise That Unlocks Profit
We Add Flexibility and Speed to Market
We Guarantee Supply
We Deliver Turnkey Services and Coordination
We Simplify Your Operations
Who is Adirath?

A team of highly skilled manufacturers, prepared to meet any request for fabrication, tool crafting or product design and production.

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